Architecture and design critic, Chief Editor of Octogon magazine

József Martinkó
Architecture and design critic, Chief Editor of Octogon magazine

"In HoH’s curatorial work I’m primarily seeking the challenges that can sum up the experience of the program since its departure years ago. As a curator I feel that creating the „curatorial award” two years ago will make the jury’s job sharper, more focused and more responsible. "

"I was born in Miskolc, but I grew up in Debrecen and Budapest. After graduating from the Eötvös Loránd University Faculty of Humanities, I almost instantly became a member of the OCTOGON architecture & design magazine. Later I started working as an architect critic for Népszabadság and Élet és Irodalom. I write, think and talk about contemporary architecture and design. For last 18 years I have been linked to OCTOGON Magazine, which commitment was interrupted by a 5 year break when I was working as the editor-in-chief of I think about architecture and design as a cultural product, an organic part of culture. My main interest is to analyze the relationship between creative culture and language, critical language and the science of designculture."

Candidates of curator

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