production designer, founder of Prop Club

Judit Varga
production designer, founder of Prop Club

„...there are great and talented people in this country who could be acknowledged anywhere in the world. I’ve been sensitive and proud of this since I’ve been a child. I used to explain it with the environment: to the West, there is more security – social or financial support -, that a business can be built on, however, here in Hungary it takes a lot more work to make it work...”

"I am a production designer and set decorator, founder of Prop Club. I started to work with scenic design in 2001 after having completed an architectural scholarship in Spain. Previously I was a professional athlete. I was Hungarian champion for years in squash and snowboard. I was studying architecture but I wanted to be a movie director. After having returned from Spain I met Márton Ágh who took me as an assistant. I still consider him the best scenic designer; he has inspired me a great deal. Very early I started to work on my own projects, already in 2002. This kind of work was love at first sight; I still adore it today. My work is a big game, like playing Lego in big. I love to work with people. I like to create an imaginary world together with the others. Teamwork is very important for me. I founded Prop Club Ltd. in 2008 that is a set decoration company. It is already obvious looking at the name that work for me is like a Club, a community space. I decided to pursue this wonderful profession with people who are just as fanatic about and in love with their work as me. Up until today more than 200 people got into film production through us, through me. My other idea was to teach set decoration on an international level to those working with me. I love to teach. Passing on my knowledge and experience I consider being my vocation."

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