Some places are born to make our lives better and prettier. Where you can feel good only by being present. These places have pasts, storys and power. Bartók Béla street is just like this, where you can have a nice walk on a sunny day, drink a hot latte, even a glass of cold wine or eat many delicious treats. Where you can charge up yourself, relax, gather memories and let yourself enjoy the variety of cultural and gastronomical experience, the spirit of the place.


We want our local communities, people and tourists attention on Bartók Béla street. We belive that along Bartók Béla street, not only the community places are going to be more lively but also the city economy is going to be more thriving and efficent. The city is going to be more succesful and resultful with our work. Every year, twice we bring true festival feeling to one of the city’s most determinitive „artery”.


 The Association was established in 2013 with the aim of promoting the role of Bartók Béla Road (Budapest 11th District) in cultural, economic, commercial and community life. Our projects have a special characteristic of activating local civilians and animating community life. The Eleven Spring and Eleven Autumn Festivals, twice a year, have become one of Budapest's most successful civil festivals, with a focus on environmental culture, creative design and eco-design.


The Budapest XI. district Bartók Béla Road is a classic cultural phenomenon in the history of the city, but there are still many schools, universities, theaters, galleries, unique restaurants, creative workshops and literary parlors in the area. An entrepreneurial sphere, which focuses on the cultural-creative sphere, began to emerge in the area in 2010. The neighborhood has a rich community and cultural life, with enormous potential for economic life: an attractive environment for young people, a place for retaining locals, providing stability, development and a fertile environment for innovation where residents and businesses work closely together to create a sustainable urban quality of life that offers sustainable long-term development of the urban environment.


Our scope covers people living in the immediate vicinity of Bartók Béla Boulevard, as well as cultural, educational, hospitality and creative institutions and businesses operating there. They join the Association as a member organization, recognizing the power of the union. We jointly shape the image of the street (signs, street exhibitions, planting promotions, communication shop windows, joint programs). Since 2014, we have organized two street festivals every year, always involving new target groups (kindergartens, generations of local grandparents, art university students, cycling organizations, design workshops). In 2016, in recognition of all this, our Association won the title of Bartók Béla Boulevard, the first and only Cultural Highway of Hungary and the capital of Hungary. Over the past 6 years, we have laid the foundations for common thinking through our programs, competitions, and street-level actions.




Bartók Béla Boulevard




Curator's opinion

"Second bloom in Buda. One of the cultural centers of the first half of the last century, Bartók Boulevard has recently been revived. The ’Vivid Autumn and Spring’ offers all kinds of festivals and balls, the Hadik area, the aura of Kelet, the striking Pagony or Tranzit, KÉK or BÉLA and the reflecting (or counter-scoring) BARTÓK or the little Gdansk, where locals can meet each other and their friends in a diverse, friendly, high standard environment, along fun local initiatives and is functional during daytime."

Candidates of curator

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