Our school, the Don Bosco Vocational and Secondary School is a highlighted institution in the disadvantaged Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén region. The secret of this qualification is that, however almost 85% of our students, just like in many other schools in the region, come from disadvantaged families, we try to deal with these youngsters in “other” ways as compared with “traditional” schools.






We are trying to deal with our students in “not ordinary” ways in pedagogical and social senses as well. 


The following pedagogical issues are kept mainly in our eyes:


  • We do not punish, but we praise.
  • Our main principle is that each and every person is valuable and owns the best ability in some sense. Our slogan is as follows: “We are interested in your competencies.”
  • We always can offer a “last chance”. In this sense we can consider ourselves as being the school of hope and resumption.
  • Our way of thinking is defined by positive attitude and cheerfulness. We sing and dance a lot. Our corridors and yards are full with the sounds of guitars and songs.
  • We spend our free time together with our students as much as possible.
  • We use cooperative methodological techniques with lots of creativity and group work. We like creating nice pieces in every topic and, sometimes, we can even write a song from the learnt material. Thus, our learning process can be motivating and simplified.
  • We constantly develop and use our own teaching materials which are motivating and they are in accordance with the demands of our students.
  • We protect and cultivate the gipsy folk tradition. We have lots of performances not just inside the school but for many times we go to different outdoor occasions to make people happy and cheerful.


We also have some very important social issues as follow:


  • We often visit our student in their homes. We go there not just when we have “problems” with them, but whenever we want to spread Christ’s good news among these very poor people.
  • We keep our eyes personally on all of our youngsters. We permanently provide spiritual and material help for those who temporarily are in low social conditions.
  • In the afternoons we organise so called “oratories” for small schoolchildren who are gathered from the surrounding residences and villages.




Curator's opinion

"A multi-purpose educational institution maintained by the order of the Salesians, which from the beginning aimed at raising students suffering from severe poverty, serious difficulties, and dropping out of other institutions. The teacher at this school is not a supervisor, but the student's equal companion, support and assistant. The educator is never an outside observer, nor is he a "supervisor" in everyday life, but he spends time with the children intensely, not punishing them, but protecting them from making mistakes. There is something to learn from them in the domestic education."

Candidates of curator

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