WeAreOpen non-profit organization: OPEN Conference program


WeAreOpen is a community of companies and organizations that believe employees and partners should only be judged based on their merits and accomplishments. More than 1,000 organizations have joined WeAreOpen’s community so far.They stand for openness through public campaigns and are determined to build a diverse and inclusive workplace culture because they believe, it’s not just the right thing to do and makes people happier at the workplace but it also makes business sense. In order to bring together business decision-makers with similar approach beyond borders, the organization launched OPEN Conference the international diversity conference for business leaders. More than 200 business decision-makers and experts representing local and global brands attend the conference each year from more than 10 countries to inspire each other and learn more about the benefits of building an open corporate culture. 







Project team:


Arya Karan Vir  - Marketing manager

Dalma ormos - PR manager

Melinda Miklós  - CEO

Geraldine Molnár - Project manager

Judit  Radnai-Tóth - Head of conference content

Anita Zsurzsán  - Creative, sical media manager




Curator's opinion

"It’s not often that world trends turn up in Hungary before international professional groups start talking about them. One of the hot topics on which researches have been published one after another, had started in Hungary 7 years ago. People are increasingly expecting companies, brands and workplaces to express their opinion and act on important issues affecting society, from reducing inequalities through eliminating discrimination to climate change.

We Are Open launched in 2013 in Hungary, which, years ahead of the trend, brings together small and large companies and organizations, inviting them to campaigns to show: if an organization or company is open minded and evaluates everyone solely by their actions and performance, it is not just the right attitude, it also means a more successful organization and happier employees.

Over the years more than 1000 companies have joined We Are Open, from global companies to small groups in Budapest and the countryside. Every year, hundreds of company executives stand out to the public as part of the We Are Open Campaign to drive positive change, with prominent people joining the initiative. Leading experts from Europe and the world are invited to the conference so that business leaders can learn from them.

Their results and approach make them unique not only in Hungary but also internationally."

Candidates of curator

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