Each year the RBIF organises its annual charity Burns Supper, giving a taste of traditional Scottish culture in the heart of Central Europe but all in a very worthy cause.


Attended by up to 350 people, the goal is to raise money for sick and underprivileged children throughout Hungary. Through sponsorship, auctions, raffles and ticket sales the RBIF has raised hundreds of thousands of euros over the last two decades. Since the RBIF is a completely voluntary organisation, there are no running costs to cover, so every forint raised can be spent on valuable equipment to help improve the fortunes of children across the country.


To ensure that our donations for medical equipment reach the right places, we rely on the advice and recommendations of our medical adviser, Professor György Fekete, former Medical Director at the 2nd Department of Paediatrics in Budapest’s District 9. All of our beneficiaries are initially either proposed or vetted by Professor Fekete, thereby guaranteeing that our projects are both justified and will help as many children as possible.


Most of the beneficiaries are located in Budapest, since many of the children’s hospitals in the capital have a national reach. However, thanks to our creative SME Sponsorship Scheme, in recent years we have increased our support of mainly medical institutions outside of Budapest, with funded projects located in various places from Orosháza to Zalaegerszeg, and from Salgotarján to Hódmezővásárhely.


In the SME Sponsorship Scheme we help SMEs launch or develop their own CSR activities by doubling any funds they have earmarked for charitable purposes. This increases the size of the project that can be funded, and enables the SME to support a vetted cause, thereby eliminating the uncertainty that is sometimes associated with charitable donations.


We also only fund the net amount of all medical equipment purchased, the value added tax is paid by the hospitals. Again, this means we draw the maximum out of every donation made by our guests and sponsors.


It is not only from a medical perspective that we rely on other professionals. One of the world’s largest accounting firms, PricewaterhouseCoopers, takes care of our regular bookkeeping, while another global firm KPMG handles our annual audit. While we are not obliged to be audited, we feel it is important to ensure transparency as well as earn and retain the trust of our supporters. Both PwC and KPMG perform these activities free of charge as sponsors.






Founder Zoltán Magyar

Chairman Douglas Arnott

Deputy Head of Mission at the British Embassy Steven Dick



Further Curatorium members:

András Moldován

David Williams

David Thompson

Jock McKenzie



Burns Supper organising committee:

Lesley Füzes-Bale

David Johnston

Bernadette Kellermayer






Curator's opinion

"Robert Burns International Foundation is a Hungarian-Scottish charity, based in Hungary, helping sick and underprivileged children in Hungary and Central Europe through financial aid contributions to medical facilities. In 2019 the RBIF raised HUF 14m.  Since its establishment in 2005 it has raised over 1m Euros."

Candidates of curator

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