Soharóza – founded in 2008 – is an experimental choir led by Dóra Halas. In 2016, in collaboration with costume designer Fruzsina Nagy, they presented Taboo Collection, followed by another production of the like, The Issue, in 2018. They called this new genre "catwalk concert", a fashion show performed by the choir members as models, displaying their extreme costumes onstage, while providing its music by live singing, supported by electronic musical background. Following requests from the audience, Soharóza launched a crowdfunding campaign to record the music of Taboo Collection in studio. The album was released in December 2019. Dóra Halas and Fruzsina Nagy also founded Catwalk Concert Productions to provide a framework for their joint creative initiatives.



The Taboo Collection teaser

The Issue teaser



Soharóza team:


Creative Concept: Dóra Halas, Fruzsina Nagy, Soharóza

Performers, Soharóza choir: András Adamik, Péter Adamik, Szaffi Asbóth, Dániel Bartos , Judit Biksz, Ilona Liliána Birtalan , Tamás Bogdán, Dóra Botka , Fanni Eckhardt, Judit Sára Elek , Sarolta Eörsi , Magda Göttinger , Klára Göttinger , Dániel Jankó, Laura Justin , Roland Karosi, Lóránt Kégl , Ákos Lokody, Ákos Lovász , Sarolta Majkut, Kata Nagy , Lilla Nagy , Zsófia Nagy , Luca Perényi, Dóra Rácz , Zsófia Remes , Anna Sebők , Júlia Simon , András Sipos , László Somogyi , Bálint Szalontai , Máté Szilvay , Borbála Tamási , Tamás Tárnoki , Tamás Tossenberger , Eszter Zámolyi.

Dóra Halas - Composer

Fruzsina Nagy - Costume Designer

Emese Cuhorka - Choreographer (The Issue)

Éva Duda - Choreographer (The Taboo Collection) 

Juli Balázs - Set designer (The Issue)

Áron Kovács - Light Design (The Issue)

Ákos Kiss - Set designer (The Taboo Collection)

Gergő Nagy - Photography, graphic design

János Rembeczki - Sound editor(The Taboo Collection)

Gabó Gulyás-Szabó - Sound editor (The Issue)

eresa Sonnleiter, Réka Magyar, Dorottya Simon, Borbála Tamási, Móni Szelei, Letícia Bartos , Aletta Ébner , Alix Abele - Costume assistants

Sophomore students of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts - Headpieces (The Issue)

Réka Annus - Folk song teacher (The Issue)

András Éltető - Site manager

Alina Karnics - Production manager

Jutka Szokol, Petra Al-Farman, Tamás Bogdán - Assistnats to the directors

Fruzsina Nagy, Dóra Halas - Directors

Special thanks: Annamária Radnai, Klára Cserne, Zsófi Kemény, The Kula Band

A Catwalk Concert Productions honlapja


Curator's opinion

"Issues and taboos. Everyday issues and taboos sung on the catwalk. Everyday issues and taboos sung on the catwalk in a surreal, dreamlike video stream. Neither a choir nor a fashion show. Dóra Halas Choir Conductor’s and Fruzsina Nagy Theatrical Costume Designer’s collaboration gave birth to brilliant art productions with a completely amateur crew. The next chapter of the cultural fairy tale continues in Switzerland, in the form of a children’s play, with full house shows there."  Tibor Remete, SUPER CHANNEL

Candidates of curator

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